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McDonald’s of the Future – Are You Lovin’ it?

The journey from restaurants to fast-food has been an interesting one. Americans now spend more money on fast food than on personal computers, computer software, or new cars – combined. McDonald’s is a household name. However, McDonald’s will/has hit a wall. Population US population is growing at a less than 1% growth. Lesser future stomachs. […]

Why Restaurants Got So Loud and Why it Makes Sense

I read an interesting article in the Atlantic about how restaurants got loud and this is an additional perspective over it. Atlantic Article tl;dr Restaurants are loud because architects do not want it to be quiet. Fashionable minimalism leads to lower maintenance and higher revenue. My Addition Restaurants have come a long, long way in its current […]

Dining Out – History – P2

In the History of dining out, we saw why ‘restaurant’ in the modern sense is a French concept, now adapted globally. In this part, we see how geopolitical forces resulted in food culture and dining, getting Americanized. As always, things start far aback. Three centuries back. 18th Century Industrial Revolution (1760’s to the 1840’s) Transformed production and […]

Dining Out – History – P1

This post is an attempt to create a timeline of dining. This will be split into two parts – this, right here, and this. 6th century B.C Record of a public dining place in Ancient Egypt which shows a limited menu — only one dish was served, consisting of cereal, wildfowl, and onion. 8th to […]

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