McDonald’s of the Future – Are You Lovin’ it?


The journey from restaurants to fast-food has been an interesting one. Americans now spend more money on fast food than on personal computers, computer software, or new cars – combined. McDonald’s is a household name.

However, McDonald’s will/has hit a wall.

How McDonald's future will be vastly different
McDonald’s Neon Sign


US population is growing at a less than 1% growth. Lesser future stomachs.

Life Expectancy

American life expectancy has been dropping over the past three years, matched only by the period of 1915–1918 — the World War era. Lesser time over the years to capture.

Fertility Rate

3.19 births per woman in 1965 to 1.8 births per woman. Reduced future potential.

Add to all of this, the biological wall — the stomach.


A maximum of around 2000 pounds of food a year, with five pounds a day, that can be consumed, on the higher side.

With none of the three factors increasing. Only way McDonald’s can increase value is to reduce costs and to increase prices.

McDonald’s – What’s on Your Mind?


As raw materials become cheaper — one way would definitely be to increase prices a bit but increase quantity disproportionately.

Bigger Macs, Jumbo-er fries. Giant family packs.

However, directly linked to people eating more — getting obese — and other medical conditions, that reduce the life cycle.

Premium Segments at McDonald’s

Of course, the healthy salad and dressing charade will always be there. That’s how parents justify entering McDonald’s anyways. The family that eats McDonald’s together, stays together.

Normalising Life Cycle

So what if life expectancy is reducing. You could always catch them younger and increase the frequency. True. And already happening.

But results in the same cycle of health — lifestyle diseases — reduced life cycle.

Enter McDonald’s Gym – McGym

A gym with the best facilities and a fast-food model. You can eat whatever you want, how much ever you want. A gym for people who do not compromise.

And guess what?

You have a membership card — that tracks calories consumed, at McD, versus calories burnt, at the McGym.

Customised menu plans that you can choose from.

Bonus: These will look extremely healthy, on your Instagram feed.

Ate a lot? You just have some McRewards that you can utilise at your Gym to burn that off.

Exercised a lot? Well, you deserve a giant hamburger — let none deny that to you. McRewards at play again.

For every corner store of Mcdonalds, a gym on the top floor. You have to walk it, you see.

The future could be bright. At least for McDonald’s.

Catching people young. Making them eat more. Making them burn more.

McParks, Animated movies and so much more.


Don’t worry. Keep spreading smiles with those chicken nuggets.

If every nation gets the government it deserves, it is of no wonder, that America, now has a fast-food loving president who loves hamburgers and fries.

The future is bright. At least for McDonald’s.


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