Day: March 28, 2020

The Business of Hair – What Happens After It’s Cut?

The business of hair is indeed intriguing. Except for our palms, lips, and soles, five million hair follicles cover the human body. Out of these, a million reside on our head and a tenth of that on our scalp (i.e., 1,00,000 follicles). We are a lot of hair. Let’s get to the root of the matter. The […]

How Pantone Saved the World by Creating a Visual Guide

Anyone who deals with colours, fashion, design, and visual aesthetics knows what a Pantone is. In the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep explains to her fashion-skeptical assistant, played by Anne Hathaway, why she happens to be wearing a sweater in a very particular shade of blue known as cerulean. She says cerulean was popularised […]

White Bedsheets – Why Do Hotels Use Them?

Searching for an Airbnb is never easy. You really need to focus on the pictures. Hosts know how important the pictures are and leave no stone unturned to present you the perfect home. I had been pondering over a lot of Airbnbs for our previous Italy trip when something struck me. All of the beds, in […]

Loyalty Program – The Psychology That Wins

A great loyalty program is so simple that it is hard. It is great when a customer looks forward to spending their money with you instead of a competitor. Your customers are your biggest moat. A loyalty program is a time-tested method to sustain this. Keep them happy and they’ll recruit the new ones for […]

Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis 10/10

Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis Zorba is a passionate lover, brave fighter, a hard-working miner, an endless adventurer, soulful musician and a lot more. He cooks with intent, tells you stories around the fire and often dances to express things he finds difficult to put in words. Set in the Greek island of Crete, […]

Poonachi — or The Story of A Black Goat 7/10

Poonachi by Perumal Murugan Having been guilty of not reading much of Indian authors much, it was my resolution to start reading them. A Quora user pointed me towards a book I had never heard of. A book about a black goat in growing up in a small village – Poonachi. Sounded like an easy-breezy […]

Women Writers, Where Are You? Questions from My Bookshelf

I love reading. I have my own quirks and techniques like everyone else. I was arranging my books the other day and noted something weird. No women writers in my bookshelf! My recently read books include authors like Michael Pollan, Cal Newport, Andrew Grove, Adam Smith, Seneca, Neil Gaiman, Stephen Hawking, John McPhee, Perumal Murugan, […]

Reading Your Book? Quirks and Techniques

Reading is an extremely personal experience. Here is the way I read. Flirting with the Book Deciding on a book is critical. This sounds trivial but is not. Trust me. Good books are pointless if you have picked them at the wrong time. Your bookshelf is your literary playlist. There is a book for every […]

Authentic Food – What Does it Really Mean?

Eavesdropping “The food was outstanding, it was really tasty, I loved it but it felt like it lacked the authentic flavour of the region”, an enlightened customer proclaimed. “Which region? I grew up over there and this is how we made it in the family.” retorted the owner of a twelve-seater restaurant. “I have been […]

War & Food – About Hunger, Conflicts, and Good Stories

Welcome to Valhalla If you fall bravely in war, the Valkyries, beautiful battle-maidens who collect the soul of the noble dead, will take you and bring you to the hall known as Valhalla. He will be waiting for you in Valhalla, and there you will drink and fight and feast and battle, with Odin as […]

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